Have a wonderful holidays.
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 NOVEMBER 2017 - Sold Out--However (a) & (b): Unfortunately, we have now reached our capacity to fulfill any new orders for Almond Brittle and Brittle Corn until January of next year. However, (a) you can still get these items for the holidays from some of our larger wholesale customers who ship and have ordered extra cases of product to be delivered each week. Click here for the details.

However (b), we can still take new orders for Sweet Hots because by cooking and bagging such large quantities of brittle, we have plenty of the small pieces needed to make this delightful and usually scare product.

Our last day to ship will be December 20th, and we will re-open with all our products on January 8th after our customary (and usually successful) year-end sanity break.

Have a wonderful holidays.


 SEPTEMBER 2017 - Free Shipping Extended--Sort of: Our offer of free shipping on orders over of $50 or more has been so successful we've decided to extend it through the month of September--but there are a couple of caveats.

First, the offer applies to orders shipped to US addresses only, and is for each order of $50 or more shipped to a single address. Orders to multiple addresses or over multiple days cannot be combined to qualify for the free shipping.

Second, the offer applies to all orders placed during September, regardless of the shipping date, so you can place orders now for shipments to be delivered during the holidays. In fact, we're hoping that you will so that this early information will help us arrange our production schedule for those two hectic final months of the year.

Third, we won't extend this offer past the end of September, regardless of how many extra orders it generates. The reason is simple but not obvious.

We have warm and lasting relationships with our wholesale brick-and-mortar customers, some of whom we have done business with for more than twenty years. These small stores need a bountiful holiday season to survive; we want them to flourish, and so do not want to unfairly compete with them during this crucial period.

After September we'll reinstitute our regular modest shipping charges and offer our products through the webstore for as long as we have the production capacity to do so.

 JULY 2017 - Sweet Hots. Just in time to add a little more heat to your summer, we've added Sweet Hots to the webstore. They're pea sized bits of brittle tossed with two kinds of chipotle and a little salt. Spicy but not scorching.

Since the quantity of Sweet Hots available for each day is so small (4 bags), find a ship date for them first, and then add Almond Brittle or Brittle Corn if you wish.

 JUNE 2017 - Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. Hooray…?  Shipping is a problem for a small webstore like ours. Shipping costs a lot, but large webstores like Amazon and Zappos have given us all the expectation that shipping should be free. This is easier to do if you ship enough to qualify for large discounts, or if you disguise the cost of the shipping by charging a higher price for the product. Neither applies to us; we don’t ship nearly enough to qualify for those discounts, and our prices are the same whether you order online, place an order over the phone, or buy our products at a Farmers’ Market.

We’ve decided to experiment with free shipping anyway with the hope that it will encourage more people to try our products. However, there are a few notes of caution.  First, the free shipping is only for orders that are shipped between now and August 31st, so it doesn’t apply to orders placed now for the holidays. Second, don’t let free shipping tempt you into ordering more than you want. The shelf life is about six weeks for our Almond Brittle, and just four weeks for the Brittle Corn (the popcorn gets chewy); so don’t order more than you can comfortably consume or give as gifts in that time.

 FEBRUARY 2017 - For Valentine's Day, we offer the perfect way to tell someone that you're nuts about them. It works after February 14th too.

 JANUARY 2017 - We're back up and running after our year-end sanity break. Thanks for your patience.

And just a reminder, we're now able to send two large bags of Brittle, Brittle Corn or one of each to any place in the US for only $6.25.

 NOVEMBER  2016Holiday OrdersWe are now sold out for the holiday season until January 9th. Please call us at (888) 549-9126 for an alternate source.

 OCTOBER  2016Holiday Orders: The holiday season is a very hectic--and frustrating--time for us. As a very small company, we don't have the capacity to meet the greatly increased demand for our products during these next two months. And we refuse to make product "ahead" because we want all of our customers to receive the freshest possible product.

If you have tried ordering through the website recently, you will have seen that we've added the option to pick a future shipping date on a calendar, and that many of those dates are already sold out, even though Christmas is still two months away.

The good news is that we have added more production hours to serve more web customers, and you'll see that the calendar has opened up again. The bad news is that it will fill up quickly, and once filled, we won't be able to fill more orders until after the first of next year.

So don't delay placing your order if you want some of our products for this holiday season.

 MAY 2016 - Although you can't do it yet through our webstore, we are happy to ship our products overseas, and have been doing so for many years. Please contact us by email (pasoalmonds@gmail.com) for further information.

 APRIL 2016 - We've added a second product to our online store. Some people say it is even better than our brittle.

 FEBRUARY 2016 - With the launching of our online store, we are beginning a new era at Paso Almonds. For the past twenty years, we have been sending our products to customers around the country and overseas using only email or the phone.

We hope the online store will make it easier for some customers to place an order. We are starting slowly, offering only our original product Almond Brittle until we are sure we can get the fulfillment and shipping right. As we grow more comfortable in this new era, we'll add the remainder of our products.

And rest assured, you can still reach us the old fashioned way--- with an email, or by giving us a call.