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Almond Brittle  |  Brittle Corn  |  Sweet Hots  |  Biscotti  |  Almond Butter

Almond Brittle

More Nuts Than Not T.M.

Almond Brittle: almonds, butter, sugar--in that order by weight, in fact, more almonds than the other ingredients combined. No corn syrup, no invert sugar, no baking soda, no any of those other ingredients that most people add to make their brittle softer, cheaper, easier. 

Almond Brittle: almonds, butter, sugar--simple to say, hard to make, easy to enjoy.

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Brittle (1 lb) $15.00 
Brittle (5 oz) $5.00



Brittle Corn

We start with our Almonds Brittle, modify it slightly, add freshly popped corn and mix it all together at exactly the right moment. That simple--and that good: buttery, not too sweet, and almost addictive.

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Brittle Corn (10oz) $9.00



Sweet Hots

More Nuts Than Not T.M.

Sweet Hots: Small bits of brittle about the size of a pea tossed with two kinds of chipotle and salt. First you'll taste the sweetness of the brittle; then the heat will kick in, so you'll want a little more sweet and soon the whole bag is gone. Best to keep a beer or margarita close at hand. Remember supplies are limited, so you may have to pick a ship date some ways in the future.

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Sweet Hots (1 lb) $15.00 
Sweet Hots (5 oz) $5.00



More Nuts Than Not T.M.

This isn’t your great aunt’s biscotti. As our tagline suggests, our biscotti has more nuts than all other ingredients combined. They’re roasted, combined with the rest, and then baked twice again. Dunked in coffee, it’s almost a meal.

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 Biscotti (4 oz) $4.00


Almond Butter

More Nuts Than Not T.M.

Almonds roasted in small batches and ground into butter immediately thereafter. That simple, that delicious.

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 Almond Butter-Plain Roast (9 oz) $7.00