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July 2023—New Retail Locations

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our retail location lists, so you may want to check them out to see if we’ve added a new store in your area.We’re always happy to ship product to you as well; and if you have recently encountered the diabolical “circle of doom” while trying to order, we sincerely apologize for the frustration. We think we’ve now gotten it fixed, but if there are still problems with completing the order, please let us know.Have a wonderful rest of the summer; and as always, keep munching and carry on.

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January 2023 - It’s time for us to raise our prices.

We have always tried to make the best products we know how while keeping them affordable to as many of our customers as possible. It is an odd business philosophy in this era of profit maximization, and perhaps a secondary meaning of our tag line “More nuts than not”.But after six years of increasing costs on everything from ingredients to labor to shipping, we must raise our prices as well.We hope you’ll understand; and as before, keep on munching.

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December 2022—We’re not sold out…yet, but there are quicker ways to get our products.

Although we still have most products available at our webstore, we realize the remaining shipping dates may be too close to Christmas for some of you. As in years past, we suggest you contact one of our three longtime partners who can ship our products to you much sooner than we can. Click here for details.Our annual sanity break this year will run from December 22nd to January 9th, so feel free to leave orders on the phone or at the webstore, and we will fulfill them when we return.Have a safe and joyful holidays.

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October 2022 – Our (non) Surprise October Shipping Offer

Showing absolutely no creativity, we’re offering the same flat rate shipping special we provided last year. As before, there will be a special flat rate charge of $7 per shipment for each order (regardless of size) that is placed through the webstore between now and October 9th -- provided each order is shipped to a US address and delivered by the end of the year. Starting on October 10th (so sorry again, Sr. Columbus), we will return to our normal shipping policy where the charges are determined by weight and destination. Although we have significantly increased the amount of product...

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August 2022—As promised, Brittle Butter is here

We’ve increased your options for almond butter by adding two sweeter alternatives to our existing Plain Roast--one that is 17% ground almond brittle and the other which is 49%. If we were more pretentious, we might propose buying all three, spreading them delicately but evenly on a tasteless cracker (so as to not distort their flavor profile) and have a flight. Better, we think, would be to try a couple, eat them straight from the jar, and have a nap. You can make the sandwiches, cookies, etc. later. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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