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APRIL 2020 - We’re changing our shipping policy—temporarily.

If you have visited our web store over the last few years, you’ll know that we periodically change our shipping policies with the intent to make it less expensive for our retail customers to order larger quantities while also being mindful to not compete directly with our wholesale customers, especially during their crucial final quarter of the year.

We now believe it is time to change those policies again—temporarily--given the social and economic and disruption caused by the coronavirus. From now until June 30th , the shipping charge for any order of $14 or more will be just $5. This flat rate will apply only to orders shipped between now and the end of June; it will not apply to (nor will the webstore accept) orders placed now for delivery after that date. As we get closer to the holidays, we’ll re-adjust the policy as seems best for all of us.

Our hope is that where you once might have handed a bag of one of our products to friends or family, this new shipping rate will encourage you to send it to them instead. And as before, we can include a short note (really short, think 70 character tweet rather than epistle) to let them know you are thinking of them.

Finally, if you are near one of our market, pharmacy or other wholesale customers who remain open, please consider buying from them if you can. The cost of our products will be less for you (no shipping charge), and it will also help them survive these troubled times.

Stay well, Keep munching and Carry on.

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