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JUNE 2017 - Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. Hooray?

Shipping is a problem for a small webstore like ours. Shipping costs a lot, but large webstores like Amazon and Zappos have given us all the expectation that shipping should be free. This is easier to do if you ship enough to qualify for large discounts, or if you disguise the cost of the shipping by charging a higher price for the product. Neither applies to us; we don’t ship nearly enough to qualify for those discounts, and our prices are the same whether you order online, place an order over the phone, or buy our products at a Farmers’ Market.

We’ve decided to experiment with free shipping anyway with the hope that it will encourage more people to try our products. However, there are a few notes of caution.  First, the free shipping is only for orders that are shipped between now and August 31st, so it doesn’t apply to orders placed now for the holidays. Second, don’t let free shipping tempt you into ordering more than you want. The shelf life is about six weeks for our Almond Brittle, and just four weeks for the Brittle Corn (the popcorn gets chewy); so don’t order more than you can comfortably consume or give as gifts in that time.

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