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 SEPTEMBER 2017 - Free Shipping Extended--Sort of: 

Our offer of free shipping on orders over of $50 or more has been so successful we've decided to extend it through the month of September--but there are a couple of caveats.

First, the offer applies to orders shipped to US addresses only, and is for each order of $50 or more shipped to a single address. Orders to multiple addresses or over multiple days cannot be combined to qualify for the free shipping.

Second, the offer applies to all orders placed during September, regardless of the shipping date, so you can place orders now for shipments to be delivered during the holidays. In fact, we're hoping that you will so that this early information will help us arrange our production schedule for those two hectic final months of the year.

Third, we won't extend this offer past the end of September, regardless of how many extra orders it generates. The reason is simple but not obvious.

We have warm and lasting relationships with our wholesale brick-and-mortar customers, some of whom we have done business with for more than twenty years. These small stores need a bountiful holiday season to survive; we want them to flourish, and so do not want to unfairly compete with them during this crucial period.

After September we'll reinstitute our regular modest shipping charges and offer our products through the webstore for as long as we have the production capacity to do so.

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