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OCTOBER 2021 - An October (semi) Surprise we think you’ll like-- again.

As we did last year, we’re offering a special flat rate charge of $7 per shipment for each order (regardless of size) that is placed through the webstore between now and October 10th . As before, each order must be shipped to a US address, and be delivered by the end of the year. Starting on October 11th (sorry again, Sr. Columbus), we will return to our normal shipping policy where the charges are determined by weight and destination. Although we have continued to increase the amount of product available through the webstore, it is still not unlimited, so don’t...

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AUGUST 2021 - Flat rate shipping is extended through September

It looks like the Covid pandemic isn’t done with us yet, so we’re extending the $7 flat rate shipping offer through the end of September with the same conditions as before—i.e., the order is for $100 or less, shipping is by USPS Priority Mail to any US destination, and the order must ship on or before September 30th. We’re also thinking of another October Surprise similar to last year--though if we’re telling you about it now, it won’t be that much of a surprise. As before, keep munching and carry on.

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JUNE 2021 - Biscotti is back again—for the very first time.

We’ve never offered our gluten-free biscotti through our webstore because we didn’t think we could keep up with the demand. We’re still not sure, so you’ll see the quantity offered each day is quite small. When you try them, you’ll see why they were so popular at our Farmers’ Market stand. The cut sides look like high aggregate concrete, although they’re not quite that hard. You’ll definitely want to dunk these—without fear, of course, that they’ll end up as mush at the bottom of your cup. Coffee and a couple of these is almost a meal.

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MARCH 2021 - Flat rate shipping is back—Slightly Modified

We thought when we first offered flat rate shipping nearly a year ago in response to the Covid 19 that we would be done with the pandemic by now. But it looks like we need to stay socially distanced for a few more months, and so to help with that we’re re-instituting flat rate shipping in the hope that you will send one our products to someone you care about rather than taking it to them. Most of the conditions of the offer are the same as before, but there are a fewchanges. First, the offer only applies to orders...

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DECEMBER 2020-Sold Out (again)—However (again):  

Although we’ve lasted a month and a half longer this year than previously, we have again reached the point when we can’t accept any more orders for the year. However, as in the past, two of our largest wholesale customers who can ship have ordered extra cases each week so that they can still send you product in time for Christmas. Please click here for details. Our annual two week sanity break will run from December 24th  to January 11th; so please feel free to place orders through the webstore or over the phone, and we will fulfill them when we re-open in January....

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