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We're back up and running after our year-end sanity break. Thanks for your patience. And just a reminder, we're now able to send two large bags of Brittle, Brittle Corn or one of each to any place in the US for only $6.25.

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NOVEMBER  2016 - Holiday Orders:

We are now sold out for the holiday season until January 9th. Please call us at (888) 549-9126 for an alternate source.

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OCTOBER 2016 - Holiday Orders:

The holiday season is a very hectic--and frustrating--time for us. As a very small company, we don't have the capacity to meet the greatly increased demand for our products during these next two months. And we refuse to make product "ahead" because we want all of our customers to receive the freshest possible product. If you have tried ordering through the website recently, you will have seen that we've added the option to pick a future shipping date on a calendar, and that many of those dates are already sold out, even though Christmas is still two months away. The good news...

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MAY 2016

Although you can't do it yet through our webstore, we are happy to ship our products overseas, and have been doing so for many years. Please contact us by email ( for further information.

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APRIL 2016

We've added a second product to our online store. Some people say it is even better than our brittle.

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