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JULY 2017 - Sweet Hots

Just in time to add a little more heat to your summer, we've added Sweet Hots to the webstore. They're pea sized bits of brittle tossed with two kinds of chipotle and a little salt. Spicy but not scorching. Since the quantity of Sweet Hots available for each day is so small (4 bags), find a ship date for them first, and then add Almond Brittle or Brittle Corn if you wish.

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JUNE 2017 - Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. Hooray?

Shipping is a problem for a small webstore like ours. Shipping costs a lot, but large webstores like Amazon and Zappos have given us all the expectation that shipping should be free. This is easier to do if you ship enough to qualify for large discounts, or if you disguise the cost of the shipping by charging a higher price for the product. Neither applies to us; we don’t ship nearly enough to qualify for those discounts, and our prices are the same whether you order online, place an order over the phone, or buy our products at a Farmers’...

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For Valentine's Day, we offer the perfect way to tell someone that you're nuts about them. It works after February 14th too.

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We're back up and running after our year-end sanity break. Thanks for your patience. And just a reminder, we're now able to send two large bags of Brittle, Brittle Corn or one of each to any place in the US for only $6.25.

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NOVEMBER  2016 - Holiday Orders:

We are now sold out for the holiday season until January 9th. Please call us at (888) 549-9126 for an alternate source.

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